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A Buy and Sell Market for Startup Stocks
Posted on 29th May 2015 By admin

If you want to get some practice for the time when Americans will be able to buy and sell crowdfunded stocks as easily as they can on the NASDAQ or NYSE then you may want to try out Exchangel now.  Exchangel is a fantasy angel investing game filled with startup stocks.  All you need to do is register for a username and you are given $500K in play money to start investing.  According to Exchangel’s own FAQ, “Exchangel is play investing in tech startups! You’re given “$500K” to start, and you can buy and sell any of the companies listed just like in the public stock markets.”

Exchangel Fantasy Angel Investing

There are prizes too.  If you can build up a nice bit of cash in your portofolio then you can place an order for bitcoin.  Every Thursday the players with the top priced 200 orders for bitcoin will receive real bitcoin.

My experience started with a desire to figure out how to get the most cash in my portfolio.  Looking through the stock listing I recognized some of the startups such as Lyft and ProductHunt.  Each stock has a list of sell orders and buy orders that people have placed at a certain price.  Looking at Lyft I saw that someone was selling 476K shares at $250 each.  If I wanted to pay that price I could enter my own buy order at $250 and get my shares immediately.  But if I thought the price was too expensive, I could enter in my own buy order at maybe $220 per share (as long as I had the available cash) and hope that someone would come along willing to sell it to me at that price.

As I looked through the listings I found one that caught my eye called GrubMarket (symbol GRU).  It was described as an online Farmer’s Market.  So I bought 100K shares at $1.80 each.  Then I immediately entered a sell order at $1.99 for all 100K shares.  A few days later I received an email that my shares had sold.  So I made a profit of $19,000 in play money.

Another startup caught my eye called Ketchup (KHUP).  It was described as a mobile newsreader with context.  So I bought 170K shares at $.80 each.  Then I placed a sell order at $.88 each hoping to make a small profit.  At the time, $.88 was the lowest priced sell order.  However, a few days later I received an email saying that someone was now selling their own shares of KHUP at $.87 each, undercutting my price.  I decided to leave my sell offer at $.88 and hope that someone bought all the $.87 priced shares making my $.88 shares the best priced shares again.

CHKR Offer Stats

— Example Offer Stats for CHKR –

After that I bought some other stocks including Transcriptic (TRA), Checkr (CHKR), Campus Job (CAM), and Kickback (KC).  So far I have taken the $500K that I started with and built a portfolio worth $617K.  That is a 21.7% increase.  Most of these startups will never have shares offered under the new Regulation A+ crowdfunding laws.  But Exchangel is a fun way to test the waters and see the potential.


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