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First Successful Exit for Equity Crowdfunding
Posted on 5th November 2012 By Thread7

French biotech company, Antabio has completed the first successful exit for an equity crowdfunded company.  Antabio first started their crowdfunding campaign on French platform WiSeed.com in October 2010.  By December they had raised €300,000 from 207 individual investors.  A year later an individual angel investor invested another €500,000. Then in October 2012 that same angel investor offered to buy out the other investors.  Investors who had crowdfunded the company back in December 2010 made a 70% gain.  So someone who had invested  €1,000 was paid €1,700 for their shares.

This marks the first time a crowdfunded company has had a successful exit anywhere in the world.  Antabio’s experience should pave the way for future successful investment crowdfunds.

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