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CrowdLanding is the first stop for anyone in the Equity Crowdfunding industry.

   The equity crowdfunding industry is set to explode once the JOBS Act goes into effect. The market is expected to be at least $500 million in 2013 with a steep increase in demand year over year. We've identified over 239 investment crowdfunding platforms that are either in business over seas or are set to launch in the US. We expect the number of platforms to grow 40% more by the end of the year. This poses many problems for both entrepreneurs and investors in the equity crowdfunding space. First, how will entrepreneurs know which funding platforms would be the best fit for them? Will they have to scour more than 239 platforms to understand what each platform is offering? And how will they be able to quantify their potential for success on each of the platforms? Furthermore, will investors have to go to each of the 239 platforms to search and research companies seeking funding? Where will they find other data that will help them make the most educated investment decisions?

   CrowdLanding has the solution to these problems. CrowdLanding provides research, tools, and analysis for the global equity crowdfunding industry. Investors will no longer have to search across 239+ platforms and sort through a thousand companies seeking funding just to find the right investment. Entrepreneurs can now stop at one place to research all the crowdfunding platforms to find the one that best suits their needs.

Meet our Team

Andy Bentz, Founder and CEO

Andy Bentz has been an entrepreneur all his life. His passion started when he was a fourth grader. Putting his parents Apple IIe to work, he sold color printed "do not enter" signs decked out with skull and cross bones for his classmates' school desks.

Andy Bentz has 9 years of experience leading diverse teams in operations and engineering management between the automotive and medical industries. Through his years of experience he has learned what it takes to build and engage successful teams. He has co-founded two previous startups with one in the crowdfunding industry.

Andy holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Phil Threadgould, Founder and CTO

Phil's entrepreneurial career started at age 9 when his parents told him he would have to earn his own money to buy an Atari video game system. So he sold extra tomatoes and beans from his garden and before long he had more than enough to buy the video game system.

Before for he founded CrowdLanding, Phil Threadgould was the CTO of Auto Industry Portal for 7 years. There he aggregated company data in a very similar approach to CrowdLanding. Most recently, Phil has been a consultant for a diverse group of startups implementing everything from technology plans to database management systems. Phil was the founder of JustLetMeSing.com. A music competition site. As CEO, Phil drove page monthly page views to over 500,000.

Phil holds a BA in International Relations and a minor in Japanese from Michigan State University.